Slow Day (Off to a Great Start!)

There’s one awesome thing about Florida, and that is good Cuban food. You simply cannot get it elsewhere. Well, maybe Cuba…

I had a mojo roast pork sandwich on cuban bread, heated and pressed. It was salty goodness that melted in my mouth.

Then it was off to the mall where I witnessed “Retail Panic.” Every retailer is going crazy with offers to convince us to purchase their unsold holiday inventory. Those are some balance sheets I don’t want to see. I thought CNN was exaggerating with their 24 hour coverage on mall sales. Seriously, they put reporters inside malls to report on people not buying things. Really? It’s like when they put reporters in the eye of the storm so we can see how bad the wind and rain is. Only, they were reporting on the lack of sales at malls.

Then I sat at Chipotle with Allison for three hours as we bitched about life. We are not positive, upbeat people.

Now I’m updating my blog, watching 30 Rock, and drinking Amstel Light. Vacation, full speed ahead!


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