Schiller, Schmiller

I’m afraid that I am not a fan of Phil.  I was hoping he would see his shadow and get off the stage.  Then we would have more winter or something.  Unfortunately Phil prattled on about teeny, tiny changes they made to iLife and iWork.  Neither of which I even use on a monthly basis.  I concur with Engadget’s coverage, time to take a nap indeed.  The MacBook Pro was intersting, in a way, but that non-removable battery is a tough pill to swallow.

Then everyone got their panties clenched and wet over iTunes Plus having more music available, and the tiered purchasing.  Listen, you morons, this is still a crappy thing.  You’re still paying to upgrade all the crap you bought to be DRM free.  Best of all, the whole store won’t be DRM free until some indeterminate point in the future.  Meaning anything else you buy, might be wrapped up in DRM, and then you can pay to have the DRM stripped.  Yay?  Why not just buy your music from a DRM free music store to begin with?  Amazon MP3 comes to mind.  They even have a downloader app that puts all the music, and album art, in your iTunes library for you.  It’s only marginally more difficult than iTunes.  Use it monkies.

The worst part is reading the articles about this on Boing Boing.  I’m really beginning to think that the people who populate that site serve only to provide the right-wing with a charicature of the liberal mind.  Not only is everyone a flake, not only can they not be bothered to remember that iTunes Plus isn’t new, they seem perfectly content to wonder aloud why everything isn’t free.  It’s as if it’s a stream of conciousness transcribed for all to read, only they stopped typing after the first feeble question.

Of course film, TV, and audiobooks aren’t free.  The people who own the copyrights feel no pressure to publish DRM free content.  Apple’s fault?  No, even if Steve Jobs left a horse head on Leslie Mooves bed, you still wouldn’t get DRM free episodes of CSI: Miami.  They do not have that kind of pull.  They’re the number one music retailer on the planet Earth and they had to pull teeth and compromise on pricing to finally get the music industry to start releasing DRM free music.  Go eat your organic granola, roll a doobie, and hitch a ride in your friend’s Prius, because your contributions to the internet aren’t improving your life in any meaningful way.


Why am I watching Fraiser on Lifetime?  WTF?


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