OMG I am a nerd.

So a few months ago I started following Wil Wheaton on Twitter.  He is a rather infamous geek.  The other day, I saw him replying to Levar Burton.  Yes, thee Levar Burton.  Holy crap!  Now I’m following Levar Burton.

Mind you I have no intention of talking to either Wil Wheaton or Levar Burton, because I can’t babble incoherently with only 140 characters.  I would seriously go “Galaxy Quest” all over the place.

Levar Burton had a special episode of Reading Rainbow where he showed the behind-the-scenes production of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  That episode had an immense influence on my decision to work in visual effects.  The second I saw the guy at Amblin swirling glitter in a pitcher of water to make the transporter effect, I knew that I had to do that.  Unfortunately I could never copy that particular effect as a child.  There was a lot of ruined glitter that month…

I respect Levar Burton too much to terrorize him on Twitter.


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