Top Chef New York

We’re halfway through the forth cycle, and this is the point where the cream starts rising to the top.  Most of the one-trick ponies, and unskilled n00bs have been cut from the show, and the challenges are starting to get a little more serious.  I hope we won’t see another Diet Dr. Pepper dessert challenge.

Also Fabio has won me over.  I’m quite surprised because in the first episode he was a complete jerk.  He seems to have adjusted his attitude along the way, and he’s been a much better chef than Stefan.  Arianne has surprised me with some very sophisticated food and a positive, hard working personality.  I like Jeff… and I want Jeff to be interesting… but sadly Jeff seems thuroughly vanilla.  :-\

I was completely unimpressed with the addition of Toby Young.  They needed someone smart, and quick, instead they have someone with overly harsh, dated jokes who can’t even successfully deliver the criticisms.  Of course that made me check the Top Chef blogs after last week’s episode and Tom assures the fans that Toby was just nervous and we’ll warm up to him.  We shall see…

Just an hour and half left before I can see the next elimation.  Let’s go!


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