There Was No Line

To celebrate the return of 8 hour days (well, except for Thursday) I organized a little field trip to see a band I found via LA-ist.  Katie and I were the only ones to go, and we were worried about traffic and lines, and getting there, etc.  Well we showed up at 8:30 to discover we were the only people there.  More people started coming, and the place was decently full by 11, but our fears of getting shut out looked rather silly in retrospect.

During the day I bought a Sony CyberShot DSC-W150.  I had intented to buy a W-120, but as fate would have it, the remaining model was available only in pink.  I spent a couple extra bucks getting the W150, but at least it isn’t pink.  My manhood is preserved.  The jury is still out on wether it was a good purchase or if I just blew $116.  The Echo might not have really been the best venue for testing.

The Voyeurs were awesome though, they put on a killer performance and I’ve been jamming out to their music all week.  The drummer was especially hilarious.  Katie and I could not stop laughing at all the faces he made while he was rocking out.

The Voyeurs
The Voyeurs

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