LA Auto Show

I went to the LA Auto Show again this year.  Unfortunately, a lot of other people decided to go to the LA Auto Show on that Saturday as well.  That was unfortunate.  I’m also convinced that I contracted a head cold from The Unwashed Masses.  Oh well, gave me plenty of time to go through my photos on Thanksgiving and make a blog post.  There were some really nice cars there this year, and a lot of disappointing cars.  With all the fuss made about the Buick Regal I was really surprised by how cheap and plastic the interior is.  The Chevy Cruze had a better interior –and an available touchscreen navigation you can’t get on the “premium” Regal.  So what’s the point, Buick?  Mercedes, BMW, and Audi did not disappoint with their offerings and everything felt really top notch inside and out.  The real surprise was the Kia Optima, which seems to blow past many competitors.  Also I saw the Cadillac Urban Concept and it’s just as cartoonish in person as it is in the pictures.

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