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Beverly Hills Concours D’ Elegance

Beverly Hills has an annual car show, mostly devoted to classic cars, but this year was a terrible disappointment.  On Rodeo Drive, between Wilshire Blvd. and Brighton Way, there was nothing buy a giant marketing presence for the new-to-the-U.S. Fiat 500.  Nothing really says “classic car show” like a bunch of tricked-out Fiat 500’s “available soon” with an espresso bar and a spot where you could test drive on Wilshire.  The majority of the rest of the cars were all based around the premise of celebrating 150 years of Italian unification.  The classic cars on display were Fiat’s (of course), Alfa Romeo (Fiat), Lancia (Fiat), Ferrari (Fiat), Maserati (Fiat), Bugatti (VW Group), and Lamborghini (VW Group).  There were a smattering of old American and British cars represented, and an oddly vacant stretch of the Northwest bound Rodeo Dr.  Considering how closely many of the cars were huddled together, it might have been nice to spread to the unused area.  Last year’s Jaguar-themed event didn’t seem nearly as ill-conceived.

The fact that it was overcast did not help matters.  I ended up snapping mostly junk and bailing on the event after 45 minutes.


Olympic & Doheny

This evening, President Obama came to town.  I was eating pad thai at Riceville when the motorcade actually drove down Olympic Boulevard, but I did get some shots of the vacant Olympic Boulevard with downtown LA’s skyline, and the parking lot that was Doheny Drive’s southbound lane.

Beverly Hills Concours D’Elegance 2010

The first time I went to the Beverly Hills Concours D’Elegance (a.k.a. Haute Wheels) was completely by accident. On Father’s Day in 2007 I went to The Nosh in Beverly Hills with my dad and his girlfriend, Kathy. After a nice breakfast we went for an early morning walk around Beverly Hills. When we hit Rodeo, we stumbled upon the auto show. It was a great experience to see all those classic cars with my dad. Unfortunately this was before my hobbyist interest in photography so there weren’t any pictures. The following year, I convinced two friends to go check it out and I was able to get some mediocre shots in. 2009 was skipped entirely, unfortunately, due to work obligations. I almost did not get to go this year, but I was able to make it at the last minute. Disappointingly, by the time I got there, there were too many people shuffling around to get any good shots, so it’s just more mediocre shots. This year was also a year when Jaguars were featured prominently, so I tried to get in some shots for my dad, because he’s a fan.

Here are a few, head to the Flickr stream for more.

Greystone Park, Beverly Hills, CA

I went up to Greystone Park in Beverly Hills. It’s perched pretty high on the hill, that’s for sure. I regret not taking some photos of the Greystone Mansion, since that is by and large the majority of the park, but there were too many people and too much noon light to get anything worthwhile out of the architecture. I did take pictures of fish and turtles though (and one super-hazy shot of the skyline).

Random Photographic Weekend Excursions

Over Easter weekend I was trying to get some good sunset shots… unfortunately I arrived right at sunset, and that thing sets faster than you would think…

This weekend (a.k.a. Sunday) I went to the rooftop of a garage and started shooting some random shots from there.
DSC_0023 - Version 3
For some reason I really like the geometric, rusted, and patched together nature of the machinary and vents up on top of rooves.  I suppose it’s an aquired taste.