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Beverly Hills Concours D’ Elegance

Beverly Hills has an annual car show, mostly devoted to classic cars, but this year was a terrible disappointment.  On Rodeo Drive, between Wilshire Blvd. and Brighton Way, there was nothing buy a giant marketing presence for the new-to-the-U.S. Fiat 500.  Nothing really says “classic car show” like a bunch of tricked-out Fiat 500’s “available soon” with an espresso bar and a spot where you could test drive on Wilshire.  The majority of the rest of the cars were all based around the premise of celebrating 150 years of Italian unification.  The classic cars on display were Fiat’s (of course), Alfa Romeo (Fiat), Lancia (Fiat), Ferrari (Fiat), Maserati (Fiat), Bugatti (VW Group), and Lamborghini (VW Group).  There were a smattering of old American and British cars represented, and an oddly vacant stretch of the Northwest bound Rodeo Dr.  Considering how closely many of the cars were huddled together, it might have been nice to spread to the unused area.  Last year’s Jaguar-themed event didn’t seem nearly as ill-conceived.

The fact that it was overcast did not help matters.  I ended up snapping mostly junk and bailing on the event after 45 minutes.