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Playa del Rey

Playa del Rey translates to “Beach of Kings” (at least according to Wikipedia). You can’t fault the name, since it was named in the 1800’s before there was LAX, or the Hyperion waste treatment plant loomed right on the shoreline. Nice stuff, really, charming.

It’s cynical of me to point out the unfortunate industrial establishments in the area, as they seem to have little effect on the bohemian residents of this little area. Tanner’s Coffee Co. is a sleepy little coffee shop in the free WiFi vein of coffee shops. There’s even a convenient power strip sticking out from underneath one of the couches. It’s no Starbucks. Unfortunately, it’s no Starbucks so there was also a group of 3 old men that were getting their band together –or back together.

I was very surprised by the air traffic from LAX. I know it’s a bustling, International airport, but it’s impressive to see the frequency of take-offs from both of the strips. Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines both have some incredibly unfortunate looking custom paint jobs on some craft.


The rest are in the Flickr set here.